About Seasoned Tactics

The game is no longer being developed, however, Seasoned Tactics is a cross-platform multiplayer tactics arena where seasons battle against each other. Players can challenge each other in a head-to-head match between two seasons or in a Four Season Brawl to wrest control of the land. Each season has two summoners that can either spawn minions to attack their opponents or they can spread their season’s influence across the board.

The game consists of two components: a passive area control battle and an active unit battle. Settlers are passive units that spread their season across the map using area of effect abilities. They also have the ability to spawn aggressive season elemental minions that are used to engage other seasons in battle. Minions only have attack abilities and can damage all units in the map within range. To enforce the protection of the settlers, there are two unique health systems. The settlers have standard non-regenerating health, while the minions’ health grows or decays based on supporting or rival seasons. Minions can also be damaged by other minions.

Single player mode allows players to build their skills by engaging in challenging scenarios while multiplayer arena battles allow players to compete against each other in ranked matchmaking. Players are able to connect and battle with anyone, on any platform, with true cross-platform play. Switch your platform mid game and pick it up on the go with a tablet or smartphone without missing a turn with seamless platform switching.